Keyboard switcher for Windows, with hardcoded CapsLock as own switcher key.
It does NOT disable native Windows switcher (e.g. Ctrl+Shift), but adds
similar reaction to Caps and Ctrl+Caps.
EXE file is compiled by fresh VisualStudio Express. If you dislike it,
recompile with your own style.



Tested on Windows versions: XP.

"cpswitch.exe" - install with multi-layout rotor style:
   Caps: switches to next layout
   Ctrl+Caps: switches to previous layout
"cpswitch.exe 3s" - install with special 3-layout style:
   Caps: layout1 -> layout2, layout2 -> layout1, layout3 -> layout1
   Ctrl+Caps: layout1 -> layout3, layout2 -> layout3, layout3 -> layout2
   (I use it for English, Russian and Ukrainian)
"cpswitch.exe q" - removes from memory.

For all styles, Shift+Caps switches the CapsLock state modifier itself.

This tool is partially rewritten Haali lswitch:
so carries its copyright and installed mark in memory (named event).
Haali lswitch allows any key as switcher, but doesn't support 3-layout
style I specially invented for my own convenience.

NB: they does NOT switch keyboard correctly in console applications. If
anybody needs this, add code by yourself:) As far as I googled, one should
add system hook WH_SHELL(HSHELL_LANGUAGE) to monitor layout for focused